Hiking holiday in Lungau

Hiking paradise in Salzburg Land

Step by step you glide through nature, casting away the stress and hectic pace of everyday life: This is what hiking means to those who discover Lungau for their Alpine hiking tours. COOEE alpin Hotel Lungau in Zederhaus is the ideal starting point for mountain hiking. Sixty crystal-clear mountain lakes, hiking tours of every distance and degree of difficulty, rustic and cosy alpine huts, and summer mountain railways are a perfect accompaniment to your hiking holiday in Lungau.
A refreshing way to enjoy hiking is to walk from mountain lake to mountain lake. Passing Prebersee, Rosaninsee, Rotgüldensee and Schliersee on a well-marked and wide network of paths you’ll come across all kinds of natural treasures, with views of imposing rocks and peaks as well as gently wind-swept alpine meadows with their ever-present cows.


For many, mountain climbing is of course the classic activity when hiking in Lungau. Everything leads up to the summit, to the panoramic view, to the satisfying feeling of having made it. Most hiking tours are easy to master - support from the valley bus, mountain railways and refuges such as the Josef Mehrl Hut or the Bonner Hut, both popular destinations, make mountaineering a pure pleasure. Our tip: A hiking tour to the Mosermandl, a landmark of the Zederhaus valley. The 2680 m mountain peak is located in the middle of Riedingtal Nature Park.
The joy of mountain climbing lies not only in the altitude. Valley hikes hold wonderful nature experiences and places of interest, offering something for those walkers who enjoy a little more comfort. Whether you prefer the scenic Lessachtal or the Weißpriachtal, north of Mauterndorf, or whether you want to explore the circular trail at St. Margarethen - these simple hiking tours in the Alps can easily be mastered with average fitness levels.


Are you interested in a wide range of activities? How about giving your children a taste of the pleasures of mountain hiking? Hiking theme trails are ideal for this. On the Göriacher Bienenlehrpfad, you can immerse yourself in the world of beekeepers. If you are interested in the long history of iron mining in the Lungau, you shouldn't miss the Iron path. The Ore paths Altenberg and Dürnrain provide extensive information about the historical silver mining. There is almost no part of nature, history and culture for which there is no theme trail in Lungau. Discover them all on your hikes here!